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Leica IIIc Copy Luftwaffe Camera


Germany Ernst Leitz GmbH, Wetzlar Leica collecting Leica 2 Camera + SCNOO for Leica IIIC Rapid Winder, Фотоаппарат, фотокамера, Лейка

Technical information
Lens name Focal length Aperture range Distance from Shutter speeds Mount
Elmar 50 3,5-18 1,0m Z, 1/20-1/500 M39
General information
Manufacturer DVD Technik


Serial number 387354 Military Leicas have been a source of fascination from the beginning of collecting interest in the cameras. There has been much misunderstanding and, since military cameras command a premium, much misrepresentation. The majority of cameras manufactured at Wetzlar during the war were not intend for any particular branch of the armed forces. Civilian production did not cease in Germany until the war was halfway through, unlike Britain where it generally ended in 1940. After 1942 the whole output went to government agencies. It was about this time too that, due to shortages of chromium, cameras were finished in grey paint instead. The paint had no military significance whatever.
It seems that most cameras intended for official use were sent to a government purchasing agency in Berlin. Any additional engraving was done after the cameras were handed over, probably by the service concerned. The exception was the Luftwaffe who were major users of Leicas cameras and bought at least a proportion of them direct from the factory. In this case Leitz engraved "Luftwaffen-Eigentum" (Airforce Property) on the back rim of the top-plate and added what is now believed to be the military stores number "FI.# 38079" or "FI. # 38078" below the top-plate engraving. These were mainly 3c`s, but a number of 3b`s were also supplied in this way. There "L" after the serial numbers of these cameras in the factory registers. The other services nearly always used the top of the top-plate for their engraving.
Military markings might also be found on the vulcanite on the back of the body, in white paint early in the war, or impressed. "Luftwaffen-Eigentum" and "Heer-Eigentum" are known. The vulcanite on Luftwaffe cameras was often painted grey, which with age and use can appear black at first sight but is obvious if the camera is put alongside black one.
Camera is in fully working order.
Camera body
Elmar 50mm f3,5
Take up spool
Front lens cap
Accessories for Leica Cameras
Years of production ***
Year of release ***
Covering of the body Chrome
Condition EXC+


Price: sold


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