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Kiev 60 Camera-MLU (Mirror Lock Up) (6x6)


Фотоаппарат фотокамера Киев-60 Kiev-60 60 Camera-MLU (Mirror Lock Up) (6x6) Medium Format Ukraine Arsenal Factory Camera

Technical information
Lens name Focal length Aperture range Distance from Shutter speeds Mount
MC Arsat 80 2,8-22 0.6m B.1/2-1/15. 1/30-1/1000 P.Six ,Kiev-60, Exacta-66
General information
Manufacturer Ukraine-ARSENAL


Serial number --- Our camera possesses the MLU-function - the mirror lifting. This function provides possibility for more qualitative pictures. If you lift the mirror using the special lever and release the shutter with basic button, the camera vibration becomes much lower, and by this better results are ensured. You may also use the standard shutter release, without mirror lifting, is you wish. The camera's inner is flocked between the lens and shutter for better light absorption. All cameras we offer and modify are thoroughly tested by our technicians, all faults, if any, are fixed. 
Camera body
Arsat 80mm f2.8 lens
TTL metered prism finder
Folding waist level finder
Rubber lens shade
Body's front protective cap
Rear lens cap
Front lens cap
Flash Shoe
Rubber eye cup for prism finder
Plastic cap for bottom of finder when not on camera
Camera strap
UV-1 and YG-1.4 filters (and case)
Complete set of batteries for TTL prism
Manual in English
Accessories for Medium Format Cameras.
 User Manual for Kiev 60 Camera.
Years of production ---
Year of release 2004
Covering of the body Black
Condition New



Price: sold


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