Manual for Repair Moskva-5 Camera

Инструкция для ремонт дальномерной камера фотоаппарат фотокамера Москва-5 2 4 Manual for Repair Collection Russian Medium Format 6x6, 6x9 Moskva-5 Camera

I have problems with the camera Moskva-2, 4, 5. I have bought the camera, which is not focused on infinity. What should I do? Such problems and standard questions can be met very often. Fortunately such problems may be easily corrected. Except that in this article I shall give still in addition 2 useful lessons. It is the check of a working piece of the camera, and a hard course of a lens of the camera at focussing on object. Having read this article you can easily eliminate the arisen problems and to share the experience with colleagues and even to earn money. :)


If the camera is not focused on infinity you should make the following steps: 1) To turn off the screw 1 and to remove a decorative ring (2). 2) To combine infinity (3) with an index (4). 3) To turn off screws (5) not completely (approximately 3/4) look Pic.6. 4) To put forward from your side a wheel (6) and to rotate it. I want to note the following: if a wheel 6 to not put forward, while it'll movement the lens will rotate, it is not allowable. If you have made everything correctly while moving of a wheel (6) will rotate only lenses (7) which are responsible for infinity. Yes, by the way, never assort the block (7) with its lenses without need. If it has taken place, I can regret to you only, you have added a good piece of additional work to yourself. Lenses of the block (7) are intended for vertical infinity adjustment  (in vertical infinity adjustment  the block is not assorted). If you have made vertical infinity adjustment  do not miss to stop this lens, or all your work is vain. I shall not make the detailed description of vertical infinity adjustment , these problems happen very seldom. Our purpose is horizontal infinity adjustment . If you while rotating wheels 6 have seen infinity in an eyepiece, it is necessary for you to fix this position with the help of 2 screws. So we have solved this problem. :)
The following problem begins with such words " I have bought the Moscow camera in a good cosmetic condition (a fine lens, all the mechanics is working, the infinity is present), but pictures have not sharpening". The reasons can be the following: 1) Bad factory assembly of the camera. 2) the seller has not correctly attached the forward block of lenses after cleaning glasses. In the best case your camera hasn't a working piece. You have an opportunity to check up a piece of your camera by yourself. It is necessary for you to make the following steps: 1) Take off a back cover of the camera and put glossy side of the matte glass to the top as shown on Pic.2. 2) To put shutter of your camera in position "B" (a manual mode) and keep it. Thus aperture should be completely open (F=3,5cm) and the lens should be focused on infinity. As a result you should get the sharp image of the object.






If you have found out that your camera hasn't a working piece, it is necessary for you to make the following steps: 1) Unscrew 3 screws (7) and to take off a ring (8). 2) It is necessary for you to rotate the block of lenses 10 and to reach the precise image in matte glass. 3) Insert a ring (8) on a former place and clamp by 3 screws (7). I hope this procedure will not take a lot of time.:)


The following problem begins with such words " I am very much disappointed with hard focusing of this camera on an objects. I do not receive from photographing any satisfaction, it is similar to tortures". Yes, really these problems are present and the reason for this is dense greasing of mechanisms which participate in focusing a lens on an object. For elimination of these lacks it is necessary for you to make the following steps: 1) Unscrew 3 screws 7 and take off a ring (8). 2) To unscrew the block of lenses (10). 3) It is necessary for you to clean old greasing from carving surfaces (11) and (13) look Pic. 5 and 8 with the help of rags and pure gasoline. 4) Put on carving surfaces a thin layer of greasing (please without fanaticism). 5) Do not overlook to clean a glass, to check up a working piece and to collect a lens upside-down.


If you want you can clean surpluses of old greasing on gears and a ring (12) and to put repeatedly, it will not be superfluous.








P.S. Thank you very much for your attention and I hope that this material has brought to you advantage. Please, do not overlook to specify technical mistakes in this article if they certainly have place. (February 26th, 2006)


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