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Pentacon Six, Kiev-60, Kiev-88CM, MC Hartblei 3,5/65 mm Shift (PCS) Lens


объектив линза фотообъектив Арсат Мир-38 Б В для Пентакон 6 Киев-60 88 88СМ Салют Киев, Украина завод Асенал Pentacon, Kiev-60 60, Kiev 88CM 88 CM MC Hartblei 3,5/65 mm Shift (PCS) Lens

Technical information
Focal length Aperture range Elements/ groups Aperture type Filter diameter Distance from Mount
65 3,5-22 6/5 Manual Ø 72mm 0,5m Pentacon
General information
Manufacturer Ukraine-Hartblei


Serial number *** This lens utilizes exclusive double-shifting method which makes it very easy to shift the lens in any direction over a full circle without rotating the barrel.
Vertical shift
This can be used to take in more or all of a subject (e.g. a building) above or below camera level without pointing the camera up or down, thus avoiding converging subject lines (e.g. that make buildings look as if they were falling over backward). It is also useful for making upper and lower overlapping exposures to be joined later to obtain a larger subject-field area.
Horizontal shifting
This can be used to avoid intruding foreground elements (e.g. bushes or utility poles) without moving the camera; to eliminate undesirable reflections (as on paintings or in mirrors); and to obtain the necessary uniformity of perspective (avoiding non-matching horizons, roofs, etc.) in panoramic exposures to be joined later. It is of course also useful for rising or falling shots with the camera held or mounted vertically.
Diagonal shift
 By combining the two movements as indicated above, the lens can be moved in any oblique direction for combination effects as applicable to the examples already given or other situations.
The lens can be shifted 11 mm from its "normal" position, the direction of the shift can be changed 360 degree and locks at 24 angles.

Front lens cap
Rear lens cap
Years of production ---
Year of release 2003
Maximal shift 11
MC covering Yes
Condition NEW


Price: sold


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